Want your own i-shifter?


i-Shifter by Sunomi Inc.

Do you want an i-Shifter for your own bike? We've partnered with Paypal so you can purchase an i-Shifter directly from the factory.

Every i-Shifter package ships as a bolt-on unit containing:

  • i-Shifter unit
  • handle bar
  • brake levers
  • grips
  • cables
  • narrow cage front derailleur

The unit is shipped assembled and ready for installation.

Note that you will need a major credit card to complete your order.

$99 USD (plus $35 shipping & handling USA & Canada)

There may also be a dealer in your area, if you'd prefer to buy from a bricks and mortar retailer.
Contact us to find a dealer near you.

Bike Manufacturers


Are you a technology leader in the industry? Is your brand known for bringing innovative and improved product to the market? Do you believe that advances in technology provide the foundation for growth in the bicycle industry? The i-Shifter will place your product at the cutting edge of shifting technology.

Contact us for information on OE pricing and delivery options.

Retail Bike Shops


We designed the i-Shifter with Manufacturers in mind, but it is also available as a retrofit package for customers who want integrated shifting technology without having to purchase a new bike. The i-Shifter is easy to install, and can be done while the customer waits.

Increase your retail traffic and aftermarket sales by becoming an i-Shifter retro-fit retailer. Contact us for wholesale pricing and minimum order details.

Special Note