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I-Shifter Advantages

In addition to eliminating confusion and greatly simplifying shifting,
the i-shifter™ technology provides a number of other benefits.

Since the i-Shifter's SHIFT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM minimizes cross chaining, the front derailleur cage can be narrower than what is required for conventional shifters. A narrower front derailleur cage combined with the uniform gear ratio change  results in a cleaner and crisper front derailleur shift compared to conventional drive trains.

Design Features


  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • Minimal size and weight
  • Ergonomically sound design
Manufacturing Features


  • Injection molded parts made of advanced, high performance engineering resins
  • Die-cast metal shifting mechanism.
  • Ease of assembly - No bolts, internal springs or mechanical fasteners.
  • Easy to maintain - There are only 3 moving parts.